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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 2, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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some of the firefighters who were just laid off. new efforts urged way this afternoon in san jose to bring
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back some of the firefighters who were just laid off. 49 were let go over the weekend. anne makovec is in san jose, where some people say they just don't feel safe. anne. >> reporter: that's right. i'm here at engine 30. it is one of the two stations in san jose that closed down over the weekend. and you can see across the street here, someone posted that danger sign warning the neighborhood of what was about to happen. now, there is some chance -- there are some negotiations going on that may save some of these resources. reporter: it's moving day for this family on communications hill. >> why are you guys moving? >> because fire station closing, that's why. >> reporter: they have known about the possibility for months. this sign posted outside of fire station 33 less than a block from their homes. >> i love my house. i love this place. i love it. kids play around here, no problem. i feel really safe. >> reporter: but station 33 is one of two stations that closed
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down over the weekend, its engine one of five now out of service leaving many san jose neighborhoods with less protection today. >> i feel like not safe if they are moved. >> reporter: as last group of 49 firefighters turned in their gear yesterday, the firefighters union made the proposal to the city of san jose hoping to save their jobs. it's a combo of pay and benefits cuts. there are new rules for new firefighters' pensions and it allows for future layoffs if needed. but the city says the 5.25% cut in net pay isn't enough. the city asked for 10%. >> our goal really is to be able to at this point hire back all the 49 firefighters that were unfortunately laid off. and the proposal they are making is unfortunately very, very far short of what we need to be able to do that. >> reporter: this morning, the union president told me he is hoping the city they will take what they are offering and at least allow some of the firefighters back to restaff an engine or two yesterday the union held a press conference
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talking about the risks of public safety. >> if there was a fire in that community right across the street today where they would have yesterday enjoyed a response time two of to three minutes, you will now see seven to eight minutes in my estimation. knowing that a fire doubles every minute and by the time we get the call it's already out of control, you can tell what two to three versus seven to eight, there is going to be a catastrophic loss of property for sure and the real fear is a loss of life. >> reporter: in the meantime there is a new fire chief starting here in san jose. today is his first day on the job. he is not going to be able to speak with the media, not going to have time apparently until tomorrow. obviously, this guy has a lot on his plate. elizabeth. >> all right. well, bail is set at $350,000 for the brother of a san francisco giants player accused of five hit-and-run incidents in danville. a bicyclist was first hit by a red pickup truck on danville boulevard yesterday. then the truck hit a
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pedestrian, pickup, light pole and lexus with two people inside. the suspect is 23-year-old cainan schierholtz, the younger brother of giants player nate schierholtz. witnesses stopped him from getting away. >> he was very much under the fluff something. he could hardly talk. he was very much under the influence of something. his airbag deployed so the impact on the front of the car was severe. >> he faces charges of hit-and- run, drunk driving and driving without a license. a 13-year-old sacramento boy is safe this afternoon after police say he was locked up in chains for days by his own father and stepmother. the boy was wrapped in chains one around his neck with padlocks securing each ankle from wednesday to friday last week. he was changed to the kitchen table most of the time. the boy freed himself friday night when his father and stepmother left the house to go
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gambling. >> and being a quick-thinking boy, he decided to hide the key on his person after the parents chained him back to the kitchen table and left. he released himself and fled out the house and asked for help. >> the father and stepmother face charges of false imprisonment and child cruelty. the teenager has now been placed in the custody of his biological mother. any minute now, an alameda county judge is expected to make a ruling in that contract dispute between a.c. transit and its bus drivers union. the judge will decide if management has the right to impose a contract on the drivers. now, a.c. transit did impose a contract last month, and since then, well, the rate of sick calls by drivers has really increased. as a results, buses have been running late on some lines and in a few cases, service has even been cancelled. caregivers for two nursing homes in oakland are on the picket lines today. [ chanting ] >> the nurses are unhappy with
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the progress of negotiations with two assisted living facilities. that's piedmont gardens and grand lake gardens. they say management offered a wage increase of 1.5%. but workers say there would also be a cap on health insurance and a $3,000 deductible. in addition, a 401(k) plan would replace their pensions. >> people want to keep their pensions. we want to maintain what we have. we have been fighting for that since february. >> nurses are concerned about discipline that's too harsh, they say, for people who call in sick. there is a new obstacle in san jose's plans to build a baseball stadium downtown that would be home to the as, if the team is able to leave oakland. matt bigler reports. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest physical obstacle for the as to move here to san jose is this thing over here.
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it is an operations center for at&t. it employs about 100 people here in san jose and the company says basically they are not moving and they are on the site that the city wants to use for a new ballpark. it's on the southern end of the 14 acres. the company says they do not want to sell. the land is not for sale. there is some speculation the reason that at&t is being so uncooperative is because the city council recently blocked the company from developing housing on a different parcel of land that the company wanted to use for some housing. so this is a bit of payback, if you will. councilman sam liccardo tells the "chronicle" that it's troubling that a company that depends so heavily on the public good would attempt to rake taxpayers over the coals. i'm matt bigler in san jose for cbs 5. you could call them 2400- ton hand-me-downs. the port of oakland is giving two cranes to boston, and today they began their journey. they sailed under the bay bridge a short time ago. oakland has replaced the cranes
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with more state-of-the-art equipment, so they are no longer necessary. the cranes will make their journey through the man canal and get -- through the panama canal and get to boston in september. critical moments hide in the gulf of mexico. the bp engineers ready to begin the permanent fix on the damaged oil well. when the disaster might be done for good. president obama says u.s. combat troops will be home from iraq by the end of the month. but is iraq ready for them to leave? at the white house, i'm whit johnson. that story coming up. and we're moving into the month of august. and it's still well below average. coming up we'll have your temperatures and let you know if warmer weather, more august- like temperatures, are on the way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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damaged oil well in the gulf of mexico for good. and it begins tomorrow. it's called a static kill. the procedure to finally plug that damaged oil well in the gulf of mexico for good. it begins tomorrow. the process involves shoving mud and possibly cement into the blown-out well to permanently stop the flow of oil. if all goes as planned, the well could be sealed by the end of the month. meantime, bp and the coast guard continue to scale back their clean-up and containment efforts in the gulf. that has some gulf coast leaders concerned. >> we need to hold their feet to the fire and major sure we have a document and plan that we are on the sage page with. >> local leaders want a more concrete plan. bp is still trying to clean up the millions of gallons of oil
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spilled and is committed to restoring the region. president obama says the military is on track to withdraw all combat forces from iraq by the end of the month. other soldiers will stay to train iraqis and protect u.s. bases but as whit johnson shows us, it's not yet clear whether iraqis can take charge of their own security. >> reporter: president obama told a group of disabled veterans all u.s. combat troops are coming home from iraq on schedule. >> by the end of this month, we'll have brought more than 90,000 of our troops home from iraq since i took office. >> reporter: on august 31, there will be just 50,000 u.s. troops in iraq. their mission will be to train iraqi forces and provide security for u.s. facilities. but serious questions remain about whether iraqis can stop daily attacks like this car bombing in baghdad's sadr city neighborhood without u.s. help. >> there are still those with
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bombs and bullets who will try to stop iraq's progress and the hard truth, we have not seen the end of american sacrifice in iraq. >> reporter: the president could have a tough time finding support to meet those challenges. the people we spoke to want u.s. troops to come home. >> it's way pastime to be out past time to be out of iraq. >> reporter: most say things are going well in iraq but most say it's time to get out. >> is it going to be one year, five years, are we ever going to be able to get out of there with a stable iraq. >> reporter: the white house is also worried about stability. it's pushing iraq politicians to stop arguing over election results and form a new government so they can deliver basic services that could help calm things down. whit johnson, cbs news, the white house. coming up, new hope for anyone struggling with those unsightly spider veins on their legs. >> looks awesome. they are not as predominant.
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>> the new treatment that can make those veins actually disappear. we'll show you how it works. and this past july was the coolest july since 1971. yeah. we are going to take a look at the first week of august and see whether or not we can warm things up around here. [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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released around 1:30 this morning. she lindsay lohan is out of jail in rehab this afternoon. the 24-year-old actress was released around 1:30 this morning. she served 14 days of a 90-day sentence for violating probation in a 2007 drug case. lohan got out early because of jail overcrowding. she must go into an in-patient rehab program. she had been in a sequestered unit at the women's jail in lynwood. this facility has also housed stars such as paris hilton and michelle rodriguez. >> and she escaped out anyone seeing her. she started out in that car. >> i don't blame her. i wouldn't want anyone to see me after being locked up. >> stealthy. >> impressive. >> she knows somebody. so i understand fog in the morning, fog in the afternoon
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too? >> i know. and the coldest july since 1971. for those of you at home saying i knew it was cool, it is, cooler than average. here's a look outside at san jose where we have some sunshine down in the south bay and again that record, that coolest since 1971, is for san francisco only. here's a look out toward the golden gate bridge and i love to show this shot because you have plenty of sunshine in parts of the bay area and then you take a look at the golden gate bridge and you can see marin county just off the coastline there, streaming into the bay still looking at quite a bit of clouds. so our forecast for today, our daily planner, sunshine expected well inland. as much as near 90 degrees. sunshine and a few clouds around the bay but lingering clouds and fog along the coastline. for tonight, partly cloudy with areas of low clouds moving back inland, low clouds moving into the bay, as well as some drizzle for the coast and the bay. visible satellite showing we do still have some clouds really just kind of sneaking and hovering over the peninsula and also just cruising over the parts of oakland and berkeley, expecting most of those clouds to clear out and move to the
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immediate coastline and that's going to allow us the opportunity to pick up more sunshine and some nice temperatures. so take a look, still below average. it's august?? livermore average daytime high of 90, san jose 84, santa rosa 82, san francisco 8 68. 4 degrees below average in santa rosa and san francisco only hit -- didn't even hit -- 70 once, 70 degrees one time last month. so here's a look at what's going on other parts of the bay area. 77 in sunnyvale, 79 cupertino, 47 palo alto, 60 in pacifica, we'll take a look at some east bay locations because they are looking at temperatures near 90 but typically they are closer to the mid-90s. so below average for you guys, as well. but still mild. 85 danville, 84 walnut creek, lower 60s in sausalito and san francisco, mid-70s in
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kentfield, napa, sonoma and just near 80 in santa rosa and petaluma. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. i talked about the first week of august and a possible warmup. no, no warmup there. actually things will cool down a bit wednesday, thursday and friday. cooler temperatures in the forecast as we move into the month of august. and this is our mypix photo: if you want to be a weather watcher go to and send us great photos. we don't get photos that cute that often so great job. >> he looks like a stuffed animal, doesn't he with the ears flopping? >> looks like he is thinking about something! what's doing over there? >> thank you. millions of women are plagued by those unsightly spider veins. some women even avoid wearing shorts in the summer. now there is some good news. it's a new treatment that makes those veins disappear.
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37-year-old maria doesn't like the spider veins on her legs. she has her own ideas on how they turned up. >> being in the military for eight years and on my feet and having four children, four c- sections. >> it's a younger patient population that we see with these problems. they are still young and active and they want their legs to look good. >> reporter: this dermatologist says patients are always complaining about these deep purple veins and looking for ways to get rid of them. >> remember, these blood vessels are caused by pregnancy, by obesity, genetics, aging. people that have professions where they are on their feet all day. so it's a very, very common problem and i would say more so for women than for men. >> reporter: now, for the first time in decades, there is a way to successfully fight the smaller spider veins. it's a substance called asclera directly injected into the veins. >> once you inject it into the
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blood vessel it immediately disappears, temporarily of course, and then eventually with time it will just the -- vessel will close and it will get reabsorbed and it's just changed into other tissues. >> reporter: it has been used in europe for some time but just this year was approved by the food and drug administration for use in the united states. >> it's been 60 years before the fda-approved a new agent so we are very excited to have something that we know that works well, works fast and has a very high degree of patient satisfaction. >> reporter: maria is satisfied with the results. >> i think it looks awesome. they are not as predominant. >> reporter: i'm elizabeth wenger for cbs 5. >> we checked with some local dermatologists. the treatment is available in the bay area. it costs from $100 to $400 depending the area of the size treated. need your lawn cut fast? how about calling on these guys. up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today's tip of the day is one of my favorite of all vegetables this time of year, italian zucchini grown to be about five or six feet long! my father has plants in his backyard and that's how big they are. and those plants are his -- i mean, that's everything to him. he loves it so much. as a matter of fact, i got
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friends who call me my nickname tony gogooz because i like them so much. make sure they are long green like this from top to bottom. very important. not too thick though. make sure it's free from rubbery feeling whatsoever and the greener the better free from any yellowing. when you bring them home it's hard to put it in the refrigerator so cut them up and then put them in the refrigerator but don't store them for too long. mild and delicious? pasta with gagooz. and if you had flowers from the plant you call it pasta with [ foreign language ] and [ foreign language ] sounds as beautiful as it tastes. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. tony gagooz! >> coming up tonight at 5:00 it's an internet phenomenon. young fashionistas shopping and then showing off their goods online. how it's attracting major retailers, as well. that story and more at 5:00. well, most people, you know, hate mowing the lawn but for these guys, it's a sport.
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it's the annual lawnmower races in england. normally competitors spend 12 hours racing each other but the number of entries was down dramatically this year because of the recession. so they held a four-hour race instead. the event has been going on since the 1970s. the winning team completed 246 laps in four hours. >> we had one of those growing up. those things are a lot of fun. >> with the helmet and everything? >> i wasn't going that fast. >> it was fun. >> that's it for the news at noon. have a great day. ,,,,,,,,,,
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